Why bring an Agent to a New Home Builder?

By: James Blaskie

Why bring an Agent to a New Home Builder?

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Why Bring An Agent To A Home Builder?

We find that the Builders run their purchasers through the process as quickly as possible. When working in the re-sale market, it is important to know the needs and wants of our clients. The New Home Sales Reps are worried a little more about numbers. Here are some things to consider...

1) Location -- It's imperative that you don't end up on a "main feeder street". High traffic will affect the Re-Sale value in the future, but the price of the home isn't any different when you purchase. We can evaluate the future traffic to make sure you are on a quiet street. 

2) Future Projects -- Since it is an area that is being built up, it is important that you don't end up with a gas station or a strip mall as a rear neighbor in the future. This is research we can do for you. 

3) Upgrades -- Buying a brand new house can be super exciting and you can end up spending thousands of dollars on upgrades when you don't need to. Some upgrades can be done at a fraction of the price by a contractor. Others make sense to have in the mortgage. We also want to make sure that you use you money effectively when it comes to upgrades. 

4) Builders -- I'm sure you'd want to work with a Builder that has a decent track record. A builder that offers a large amount of "extras" may be doing so because their reputation has faltered. 

5) Paperwork & Agreement -- Similar to Re-Sale... there are contracts and conditions to be met. We would make sure you are well protected and can manage the contracts to make sure they are delivered to the lawyers, Banks etc. 

6) Slowing the Process Down -- Like I mentioned, the Sales Reps will want to run through the contract at a quicker pace then you might be comfortable with. You may have questions and never get the chance to ask them. We will slow the signing process down to make sure every question is answered. 

Please remember....There is NO COST for us to help and the builder doesn't give a deal if you are not represented. 

We sell many homes that are being built by New Home Builders and our clients certainly appreciate the help we offer.