March Madness! Stats are in... and they're GOOD!

By: James Blaskie

March Madness! Stats are in... and they're GOOD!

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I don't even have to write anything here... the stats sheets says it all! 

Sale Prices are UP yes
Average Time on Market in DOWN yes
This is fantastic for Sellers! We've waited a long time for this market. 

But for buyers... it's a whole different story...
Multiple Offers on properties no
Lack of inventory no

You know how they say... "April showers bring May flowers"... (Let's be real, we all know that in the real estate world, it's nice weather in April that brings lots of new listings in May). Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other plans. UGH! 
We can't wait for nice weather, otherwise we'll be waiting too long and we'll totally blow by "Spring Season". If you're thinking of doing renovations because you're contemplating selling your home this year... STOP. Call us. Maybe you don't need to invest thousands of dollars into your home. Let us educate you on what buyers are looking for.

Let's get started today!